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Erin E.

Dan is one of the best in the business, I'd definitely recommend working with him.

Nora P.

Dan is the best. He gave us the best home buying education possible. Dan patiently guided us as we shifted our strategy and was always supportive and engaged. His expertise and determination make him a great advisor. We strongly recommend him.

Eli E.

I was looking at multiple houses every weekend for months. Dan was great about checking in with my on my search. He was helpful with suggestions and always available to show a house during the week. Happy to say that after searching we found the perfect house.

L. Ray

It has been a pleasure working with Dan on the purchase of my condo. We were actually the lower offer of the 3 but because Dan had met with the Seller and the agent they had a good feeling that the transaction would go smoothly and it did. He is incredibly attentive and made himself easily available. His follow up is immediate and thorough. I felt a tremendous relief and a great deal of confidence in the entire process.

Alicia W.

Dan really is the best in the business for both home buying and selling. He helped us with both this winter and we can't say enough great things about him. What sets Dan apart from the rest was that he goes the extra mile when it really counts. He got our house ready and updated in record time in order to get it on the market and got more money for the house than we ever imagined. And on the buying side, he was able to get us the house we wanted due to his friendly and persistent nature. Everyone loves working with Dan and that's crucial when it's your realtor that acts on your behalf throughout the entire process.

C. Schilling & B. Everitt

We have known Dan personally and professionally for over 12 years. He is currently assisting us in our search for a property in Piedmont. As we are living in London at the present time, we rely on his expertise regarding the general real estate market in California, as well providing us with detailed information regarding quality properties that suit our specific needs. He is reliable, capable and experienced, and is truly pleasant to work with. Dan is readily accessible and is prepared to answer questions or provide any additional information we may require. Anyone who has the pleasure to work with Dan will not be disappointed. Sincerely.

T. Duncan

I had known Dan through our daughter's school, but really got to know him much better after this process. My wife had passed away and I needed to put our house on the market. After meeting with him, I knew he would give it his best attention. I had a quote of $17,000 with a local company to fix up my place including paint, repairs and landscape. I talked to Dan and he suggested that my bid was too high and through his skill base and contacts, we had everything done for $7,000. He consulted in the process and suggested what to do and picked out the new paint colors. With time passing quickly he even came over to do some work in order to get it completed and open on time. In the end, we had 10 bids and an offer that was 30% higher then asking.

Michael C.

Dan is the man. Sorry, had to say that Seriously though, Dan is as good as it gets. My wife and I were looking to sell our home in the Berkeley Hills. So that we could make our big move (hopefully our last) to the the Big Island of Hawaii! I had stashed away a mailer from Dan and his partner Rick (also really great!) about selling mid century homes in the area. Being artists, my wife and I thought it was important to hire someone who had an appreciation for the aesthetics of architecture and home design. So, when the time came, we decided to give Dan a call. Well after interviewing him, we cancelled all our other appointments and signed on the dotted line! Dan surpassed all of our expectations. Totally hands on... acting as a real estate expert, designer, contractor, family therapist( trust me, this is a big one), and just a good guy who totally has your back and someone you can even call a friend. All very important skills to have in the crazy insane world of Bay Area real estate. Not too mention, this guy will get you top dollar. just put your trust In him (which isn't hard to do) and he will deliver. I would recommend Dan Clark hands down. One of the best out there! What are you waiting for, give Dan a call.

Rific S.

After watching Dan prepare and sell three homes on our street, we were convinced that he would be our realtor. He shattered records on our street with his artistic ability to make homes appeal to a broad audience. His professional and strategic marketing tools enabled our home to shine in front of other competing ads. Dan works hard to make sure that every detail is covered in the most appealing way. He works endless hours and shares in the sweat and tears that it takes to prepare a home for sale. In our experiences combined, we have never seen an agent who has the work ethic, charisma and eye for design as Dan has. His personal knowledge of how a home should work, coupled with is handy skills helped to save us thousands of dollars in improvements. Although it has been some time since we sold our home, we continue to contact Dan for his advice and references for our current home. He is down to earth and a pleasure to work with. We have recommended Dan to numerous friends and family members who have also been extremely pleased with his professional opinion and results.

Leslie W.

Dan is the man. We could not have done it without him. It was time to sell the family home, the house I had grown up in and raised my children in. Emotional to say the least, and full of 50+ years of stuff! There were times I am sure that Dan lost heart as he would make his weekly progress inspection, but he never let on, was always encouraging, helpful, and hands on. He supported us with his knowledge, humor and insistence that we could get it done, and we did! After a 6 month transformation, the house was sold for way over asking, and we moved on to finding a new home. Three months after moving out I was in a new home and again, Dan was there every step of the way, helping with movers, painters, plumbers, building a new deck and simply checking in to make sure I was happy with my choice and not too overwhelmed. Dan is simply "the man" My grown children and I are eternally grateful to Dan, for making a difficult decision manageable and occasionally even fun. I would never consider making a real estate move without him, and neither would any of my friends or family Thank you Dan, from all of us. In gratitude.

David A.

My wife and I had been looking for a house for the past 2 years, only to have our bids repeatedly ignored. Perhaps our expectations were too high and we were a bit intimidated to take on a "fixer upper". We had gone through several real estate agents and happened to meet Dan while he was doing an open house. We both got a really good vibe from him and decided to have him help us for future bids. He was extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market in Oakland/Piedmont and was able to talk us through our hesitation to go after houses that weren't turn-key. Just this last October Dan helped us get an amazing house in Piedmont in the exact neighborhood we wanted. Not only did he help us get a house, but he's gone above and beyond the call in helping us coordinate with his team of contractors to get the house completely remodeled. You wouldn't believe the transformation and I'm sincerely grateful that he not only took us through the bidding process, but also played an instrumental role in making sure our renovation got completed on schedule at a very reasonable price. We seriously could not have accomplished this without his help as we both have very demanding work schedules. I highly recommend Dan if you're on the market to purchase a home. You seriously cannot find a better agent.

A Hey.

We were first time homebuyers in the daunting bay area market and we now are very pleased homeowners thanks to the guidance of our realtor Dan Clark. Prior to meeting Dan, we had talked to a couple of realtors at open houses but we were not impressed, felt discouraged and mistrustful of the buying process. Fortunately we met Dan and right away his calm and down-to-earth nature put us as ease. Dan is warm, sharp, has a great sense of humor and is a frank, kind and clear communicator. Dan has extensive knowledge and a realistic view of the unpredictable bay area real estate market due to his many years of experience working in this area. He told us his personal story about buying his first home in San Francisco years ago with such affection and pride that we felt he was on a mission to be sure all of his clients would have the same experience that he did. We felt Dan understood whom we are and what we were looking for even if sometimes we couldn't see it due to being distracted by the fast pace of the market. He encouraged us to make an offer on a house even though ours was not a strong one; we went through the waiting and unfortunate rejection process and Dan kept us moving forward on the path. Dan always made sure we did not overpay or bid on anything we did not love just to get our "foot in the door" in this manic market. Dan has an excellent rapport with other realtors and it was because of this we were able to quickly make the right bid on the house that we now own. Dan knows when to "jump in" quickly and when to step back and trust the process. We never felt pushed or overwhelmed but always knew that he would take action as soon as we made a request. We would recommend Dan for anyone searching for a home but especially for first time homebuyers who might need a little extra support, guidance and encouragement.

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